Lead singer to Good Charlotte.Twin of Benji Madden.Younger sibling of Sarah Madden and Josh Madden,original last name:Combs.
Still love you guys,kinda disappointed that you wrote songs for Hilary Duff.
by InfamousKitten June 8, 2005
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Joel Reuben Madden. (sickboy)

Lead singer of Good Charlotte the greatest band in the world.

Twin of Benji Madden who is 5 minutes older than Joel.

Guy who cares about animals, war, and suicide.

Joel (and Benji and Billy and Paul) are also hot but r not urs obsessed fans.

All u people who don't like him or Good Charlotte because they 'sold out' or because he's goin out with Hilary Duff suck. (althought that joke at MTV with Hilary about the killers wasn't funny)
Joel Madden: "I think that our goal in Good Charlotte is just to be Good Charlotte, and whatever happens, whatever that means, we don't even know, we just push on and tour and make music and do whatever."

Fan: whoa! its Joel Madden! I love Good Charlotte!
by me-me-me October 15, 2005
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the lead singer of the band good charlotte. he rocks and nobody can say that he doesn't. his brother benji is in his band aswell
interviewer: y r u so cool?
joel: cuz i rock
by stanga_69 July 21, 2005
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Lead singer of the pop rock band, Good Charlotte. MTV Media whore. Born March 11, 1979 and hails from Maryland. Twin brother Benji Madden is in the band. As of late, dating Hilary Duff who happens to be a decade younger then him.

See also emo, hypocricy, and phedopile
Joel Madden was at the premiere of Hilary Duff's new movie with his band Good Charlotte.
by misslyn November 3, 2005
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Awesome lead vocals for pop-rock band Good Charlotte. Was better in the earlier albums. Able to hit incredibly high notes, like in "We Believe". Also incredibly stupid for dating Hilary Duff.
Joel Madden Joel Madden Joel Madden.. oops - high on sugar.
by A "Assassin" Lupin April 11, 2006
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A wholesome non-whoreish singer who can hit the most amazing notes. Has dated Hilary Duff and Nicole Richie, which is stupid, but is nothing serious. Like black but at the same time looks kind and not emo. I think he's great and I don't give a motherfuck what people say.
Woweeeeee did you go to Good Charlotte's concert?JOEL MADDEN!!!
Yeah I fainted
Cause it was the best night of my life
by ihatemichael November 16, 2007
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A huge media whore who is the singer for the band Good Charlotte. He was born 11 March 1979, and likes young girls.
"Did you hear Joel Maddens dating Hilary Duff?"
"No way Mate! thats gross!"
by christinauk June 29, 2006
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