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A tall, witty/sarcastic, mischievous, very attractive person. Usually a male. Can also be of ghostly nature, so its very special if you're even able find or catch one. Although when caught, he has a tendency to be even more mischievous and may even make you partake in said mischief.
OMG you guys, I caught an Anvay today! This is so much better than catching Pokémon!
by mooooose! January 02, 2012
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A hysterical young man, who spends his majority of time looking up memes online.
Anvays are very funny and cool people, but

Anvays tend to be easy to manipulate and troll.
You: Brah look at that Anvay over there
Friend: Let's troll him

You:But he's hella cool dawg
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by Cancer23 October 13, 2016
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