A replacement word for the word "anus" except with a mild touch of ghay.
"My anuse is so hexagonal"
by Bigflopper April 17, 2010
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Describing the depth and width of one's anus.
That woman is shallow anused. My dick reaches her intestines.
by donkeywoman December 31, 2012
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n - the reaming someone or something out. Roughly equivalent to "tearing something a new one," only with the violence being done to a pre-existing anus rather than in the creation of a new one.
Dan received a full-spectrum anusing when his masturbatorium collection was discovered.
by Helium March 18, 2003
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pronounced "anus-eyes-ed": An acute medical condition of the retina, not yet fully understood, and most often resulting in temporary blindness, that is believed to result from staring directly into a bunghole. Situations that may put one at risk of catching this "disease" are being a novice in locker rooms, nude beaches, nudist colonies, or a new proctcologist.
Dad: I want to warn you to be careful Sam. When one of the nudist's bends over at the beach today, be sure to look away. You definitely don't want to get anusized!
Sam: Ok Dad, I'll be careful.
by Perv Johnson November 01, 2010
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anus (anuses plural)A person's anus is the hole from which faeces leaves their body Or your arse, bum or but
Those Anuses Where Sexy
by 58J9N March 09, 2012
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It has the exact meaning of arsed, meaning bothered.

It comes from the word anus, the excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal syn: ARSED, arsehole, asshole. Therefore arsed and anus are the same word,meaning you can used anused as you wuld arsed


"I can't be bothered to go out tonight"

"I can't be arsed to go out tonight"

"I can't be ANUSED to go out tonight
by Byron Mashumba April 29, 2006
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