Dude, I was partying with the other Spartans last night and Master Chef made great Grunt Pie.
by Jacko McFlacko June 4, 2007
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A person who can cook.
Tomat: Hey look, that guy's a cook!
Dillon: Not only am I a cook, I'm also a Master Chef!
by Master Chef Cheflin April 29, 2016
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Someone who kills and eats willing participants in the most extreme form of vore fetish. The counterpart of the Master Chef is a Long Pig, a submissive male desiring to be killed and eaten.
Long Pig seeking Master Chef for my unbirthing. Life has been long enough.
by February 15, 2022
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When you Smoke a joint right to the bone of an "M" roll roach, leaving a glowing M in the embers.
*fit of coughing* We need to stop Master Cheffing it, that shits harsh!
by SerMalevolent February 20, 2019
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You proceed to have sex with a female while she is making you a sammich in the kitchen where she belongs, then you take her out of her natural environment into the living room and you play halo while STILL maintaining the penetration through the entire experience! TRIPLE KILL!
"Dude, my girlfriend is the best! We Master Chef Fuckhouse'd all day yesterday!
by Shana Black February 13, 2008
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The most legendary of all chefs, of such unfathomable power and skill non could ever dream of reaching. It is said after eating one of the dishes created by chef masterful, one commits suicide because of the knowledge that they will never taste such exquisiteness again because of the scarcity of dishes made.
You see the new dish by chef masterful? Makes me as hungry as a starving african child.
by Kinflir January 27, 2017
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