Taking a lot of dicks. I mean, a lot. At one time/in one sitting/while being filmed. The number of waiting dicks resembles the 'points' of a deer's antlers, hence the name.
"Did you hear? Nicole went to that frat party and totally got antlered by the entire frat!"
by timith March 24, 2010
An incredible indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York, composed of Peter Silberman, Darby Cicci, and Michael Lerner. They are most popular for their amazing 2009 concept album, Hospice. More recently, they have released an album titled "Burst Apart," which is just as wonderful. Their music is best listened to while alone in the dark.
Person A: "The Antlers are my favorite band EVER."
Person B: "Never heard of them. Do they play holiday music?"
Person A: "No, silly. Here, listen to this!"
(Person B Listens)
Person B: "Whoa, that's AWESOME."
by Jean Simmons June 24, 2011
Anything that sticks out from anything else. Used frequently by 1puglife on youtube. Most common form is the breathing antler, aka cigarette which is frequently chooched, or puffed, by both B.A.M., Breathing Antler Mike, or Nelson.
oh man, I think my pants antler just leaked.
by iamdigitalman August 21, 2010
to have antlers is to be high. this term originated in the movie grandmas boy. a very funny movie about a video game tester that is a stoner and gets kicked out of his apartment and moves in his grandmas house, highly recomended. anyways, the drug dealer, dante, gets this weed that makes high and think hes a deer and grow antlers
dante: o shit, iv been here for three hours, i gotta go. dood, do i have antlers?
alex: no man, your good
dante: sweet!

grandma's roomate: o, if i had known you were bringing friends, i would have trimmed my antlers

dante: thats terrible
alex:i ya, i kno, he got addicted to hookers
dante: no man, im talkin about the other guy, the guy threw a BONG! u should never throw a bong, kid, ever.
alex: ya, well, anyway, i was wonderin if maby i could crash here for a while
dante: i dono man, i got a buisness to run, this place is my office as well as my home, plus, the lion comes in a couple days
alex: ur getting a lion?
dante: ya, to protect my shit
alex: havent u heard of a dog?
dante: dood, u can get past a dong, NObody fucks with a lion
alex: ya thats true
dante: so wut kind of weed u want? i got the incredible hulk, i got the green monster, i got the bling, the bling bling!
alex: hey, we go thru this every time i come here, i dont care wut its called, i just want a bag of fukkin weed
dante: whoa, chill bro, u kno u cant raise ur voice like that wen the lions here

alex: dood, i want the deer shit, the frankenstein shit,the hulk, the green monster, the bling and the bling bling all in one joint!
dante: no one's ever been brave enough to try that
alex: one man is. roll it
dante: ill smoke it with ya bro, well go to the looney bin togetha, i dont giv a fuck
s few min later
dante: im video taping this shit for scientific research. this shit will b on the discovery channel!!
by ford[408] January 30, 2009
Just like Horns antlers grow out of certain animal's heads however unlike horns antlers shed meaning the break off and grow back
Hunter 1: Ohhhh man that buck had nice set of antlers
Hunter 2: Sure did I'd say he was a 9 point
by ShadowReadGamer February 27, 2016
The instance in which a pornstar on her knees takes a cock in each hand, taking turns. Imagine that she is there by herself jerking first the right hand and then the left hand above her head and you'll get the idea.
We went to the corporate dinner/after hours and we met the vice-president of Purchasing... and sometime after last call Nathan and I go to her place. Antlers.
by Hexicon December 29, 2006

A Lesbian sex act where two partners aggressively interlock their spread legs (like two pairs of antlers) and grind their vulvae together to stimulate each other's clitoris to orgasm. Also called tribadism and scissoring, the practice has many colloquialisms. In some Central American countries it is called "making tortillas," and the Chinese refer to the act as "polishing mirrors".
I felt myself get hard as I peeked through the window of a book club and watched Deb and Barb get naked and make out on the bed, but it wasn't until they began aggressively antlering that I realized I had just creamed in my pants.
by Brian & Ben February 13, 2014