An antitheist is one who is strongly apposed to the belif and following of theism and belives that it is detremental to society. More or less a hardcore atheist.
by Mr.Universe November 27, 2005
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A person {often, but not always an atheist } who believes religion and/or theism to be a detriment to society

an active atheist, usually publicly denouncing religion, theism, and churches/mosques

Someone with a brain
"Hey, I'm an antitheist"

"What? I thought you were an atheist.."

"I am both! I both lack a belief in a god AND oppose religious institutions"
by That Humanist Chick September 23, 2009
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An antitheist is someone who actively opposes religion or even theism in general, which they make known in an egotistical, cynical, and overall self-righteous way. Ironically, a lot of them seem to enjoy berating and judging the same religious people that they claim behave the same way towards them. Antitheists often think that they are intellectually superior to everyone else, yet they fail to realize that some of the greatest minds in history were theists. These include Tycho Brahe, Galileo, Francis Bacon, Issac Newton, George Washington Carter, and Antony Flew (who was originally a staunch atheist for over fifty years before converting to deism).

However, there is a difference between being someone who simply doesn't believe in God and being somebody who goes out of their way to bully and guilt people for believing.

And before anyone assumes anything, I myself am agnostic.
When an antitheist justifies judging someone because they have been judged, it just goes to show how hypocritical they are.
by Chiminix December 06, 2014
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Antitheism is an opposition to theism, an antitheist is one who practices antitheism.
Doug is an Antitheist he opposes theism because it postulates an unverifiable hypothesis.
by Donquixote June 15, 2012
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An Antitheist not only lacks a belief in God(s) and the supernatural but also thinks it is our responsibility to undo, and prevent futher, retardation of society caused by the actions of people in the name of their imaginary God(s).
As an Antitheist, it is my duty to the future to tell children that, no matter what anyone tells them, they won't burn in hell for not believing religious nonsense.
by The Real Uncle Matt September 14, 2012
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1. An extreme atheist, one who has unshakable faith in the absence of God,

2. one who is very athy with regards to atheism.
Theist: But how can you live your life without faith?

Antitheist: Of course I have faith! I live with my faith that there is no God! Shut up! Go to Hell!

Legitimate Atheist: No wonder nobody likes atheists...
by Legitimate Atheist May 25, 2009
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an antitheist is a person that doesnt believe in God so when they die they believe that they will become a beautiful tree and be one with the earth and i hope that happens for them so that some big dude with an axe can be wandering through the forest and CHOP them down and print the bible on them.
God BLess you! oh i dont believe in God im an antitheist. Oh im sorry what do you believe will happen when you die? i believe i will become a wonderful tree. oh i hope that happens for you you fuck so they can print the bible on your ass
by DUDENIC November 22, 2007
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