Antigone, the name of a Greek "godess". People with that name are often REBELS. They are also stunning pretty, great in bed but also smart as a cat. Stubborn but sweet and however loyal friends, not so loyal partners. They also have great bodies and big booties. Lastly, since they're very smart they tend to be very good at manipulating others.
Did you hear about Antigone? She became a politician.
by mihalismanolis October 23, 2019
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It's a name of a Greek goddess. People with this name are usually very pretty and loud af.
Oh have you ever met that girl "Antigone"?
by Talkback crew July 2, 2015
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A shitty play made by some old fart called Sophocles. The last of a tragedy of a series from 442 b.c, where everyone in a very incest royal family dies.
Student 1: Oh please Mr. Fageyena, I thought you said we were finished the antigone last week!
Teacher: Brendan for gods sake man, it's pronounced Antigon-ee. Can anyone tell me what "other ruts to plough" means?
by Monky666 February 3, 2020
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A women who has a nice drivers license photograph and is intreged with phallic objects, she also enjoys Norfolk pines.
Antigone is talking about penis' again.
by hotlips89 December 1, 2009
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Some one who does not like going away from a person/conversation.
I knew thing Antigone- he didnt leave my side for 3 days- he left on the last day because he somehow (*mysteriously*) was murdered. (^_^)
by Sabian June 3, 2004
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One of the lesser known transformers usually passing unnoticed due to its small size inherent in a unique anomaly resulting in extremely reduced growth.
Despite its small size it is found to have an endless appetite. However, in spite of the large consumption of various materials these due not appear to assist in any way in increasing its size.
There have been a number of sightings of the Antigon in recent times. More recently it has been seen in Barcelona but it has also been reported as a long resident of the famous Taoushana Hotel.
More generally it has helped in the struggle of the evil Decepticons against the Autobots. Due to its small size it has managed to infiltrate the Autobots lair and retrieve valuable information that will eventually lead to their destruction.
The future looks optimistic for the small Antigon, with a career in accounting already planned out for it, however a thirst for greater things may eventually lead it to different paths...
Person 1: Oh my, I seem to have stumbled onto something.
Person 2: No, don't worry about it, it's just the Antigon.

Person 1: Hey, who ate all the food?
Person 2: It was the Antigon. It is just so hungry! And still it does not seem to grow, I don't know why.

Person 1: Hola! Have you seen the Antigon today?
Person 2: It may have went ahead to La Perla or Barcelloneta.
Person 3: Oh no guys there it is, just behind that chair!
by Happy.. March 30, 2008
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