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Famous hotel conveniently located in Central London just off Bond Street. Package deal usually includes bed and breakfast, daily showings of Finding Nemo and occasional field trips around cosmopolitan London.
Building compromising of two floors with reception, kitchen, conference room and TV lounge on the ground floor and one single, one double and one suite located on the second floor.
Cleaning carried out daily in some areas, weekly in others and never in some others.
Cookery classes carried out daily, expecting guests to make their own lunch and dinner while hostess is sitting on the kitchen table supervising.
Guests are always welcome when wishing to come from a nearby village/city to London for a weekend break or for a week or so from more distant destinations.
Person 1: Where are you staying?
Person 2: Oh well, I'm staying at Taoushana hotel!
Person 1: Really? I've heard some nice things about that place.
Person 2: Yeah, it is nice. I like.

Person 1: What did you watch last night?
Person 2: Well, they had a showing of Finding Nemo at the hotel.

Person 1: How is the food at Taoushana?
Person 2: It is not bad. Unfortunately I only know how to make pasta but hopefully I will learn something new soon.
by me to January 29, 2008
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