A person who is extremeley annoying, where you wish you could shoot yourself in the head. More commonly referred to as no friends, a large douche, someone kill her, & GOD DAMN ugly. Level 5 clinger.
"AHAHhahaaAHahha," laughed Alex Temple as fake as she could. "Wow she's annoying as FUCK." Colton frowned. "And ugly!" Exclaimed Austin.
by dietwater April 30, 2006
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Sooo annoying that you cannot describe it as something else
asThis guy was annoying as fuck in my class so I had to teach him a lesson
by trampa7 April 20, 2015
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People who fucking screenshot their name and post it on their story so that they can get a little bit of attention from their friends because in reality no one gives a fuck what urban dictionary says.
Dude those people who keep posting names on their story are annoying ass fucking people
by Me nigga fuck off March 15, 2017
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A person, who is overweight. They are also very annoying. They never do anything. They are usually called a dumbass. Most likely a person you only talk to when you need somthing.
My friend Austin, is a fat annoying Fuck. All he ever does is smoke weed and eat all day.
by mr stiff March 17, 2014
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someone who's so fucking annoying that you have to slap their balls, this one person gets on your nerves so much you cant help but throw hem off a bridge.
That kid is an annoying fuck, I almost just wanna throw him off a bridge so he can suffer and die as an annoying piece of shit.
by hehehehehhahahahahaha September 29, 2020
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