Bullshit useless notes taken page by page in a boring novel of the teachers choice that if you don't do then you will ask friends for it so you don't fail.
You - "Hey, did you do those annotations last night?"

Friend - "Yeah but I've already promised three other people it."

by Frosty Kittens April 25, 2011
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Lame excuse by English teachers. Annotations are notes on books thus making the books unusable
Dam it ! I have to do Annotations for this novel
by D453ofsp4d35 June 5, 2016
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A stupid fucking skill you learn in English class.

Annotating doesn’t allow you to focus on the book ,because you are constantly worried about getting enough annotations
Teacher : you will be annotating this novel
Student : fuck you asshole
by Broccoli bobbin August 17, 2019
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The endless and time consuming notes most students are required to take when they cannot write in textbooks, usually results in a notebooks filled with sticky notes that are stolen from friends or faked to look like the real notes that should have been taken.
Dude, I'm freaking out because I totally didn't do the annotations. Can I copy yours?
by MNO17 July 9, 2010
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Its a sneakier version to say fag
Friend 1: ur a annot
Friend 2: no ur a annot
by ChristianBootySlayer November 12, 2019
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In programming sense... it is kinda small attribute that you tag alongwith some definition... (may be for a method or some attribute). This directly doesn't affect how the programme works, but acts as set of specifications in case someone(some framework or something... is trying to act according to it...
...then you define a method....
(sorry this is a little java specific)
by Janmejay Singh September 24, 2006
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to ruin a joke by misusing or overdoing it
Tini:"yea we were stopping by to eat--"
Tini:"what? Dude u annotated that joke bad"
by Vintakular January 9, 2009
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