An alternate location for a fraternity or sorority house. When there is no more room at the house, or when you are a senior and you want to live out.
I went to the X frat annex last night in CTown. It was an awesome party.
by herselfelf March 17, 2004
One of the most amazing places I've ever been. A stoners paradise.
Its amazing. I love everything in it.
"You man are you going to the annex tonight?"

"Yeah man cant wait!"
by potparty August 18, 2011
The best person in the world loves to take special burgers away from Scott family and likes to send memes to his friends
“ hello it’s annex here can I place an order for me and my friend , 2 special burgers and both with a side of fries
by Crookey December 5, 2018
to take from someone with sole intention of not giving it back, once an item is annexed from another the item is no longer theres
annexed: dude give me back my pencil
annexer: suck it!!i annexed it u pewter schmidt
by Chase Linssen April 16, 2007
The best neighbourhood in toronto, bathurst, bloor, avenue, dupont.
yo man fuck this shit lets go back to the annex
by ANNEX June 7, 2003
Referring to something that’s useless and irritating like a growth on your asshole.
I didn’t take my fiber pills and my last shit pushed out an annex lieutenant. I gotta get some preparation H for it.
by Dirtbag Joe April 1, 2019
To fortuitously have a conversation with someone on someone else's facebook status.
Jake Kuster thinks people that drive cars are contributing to Global Warming.
>Neil Baro Who the hell capitalizes global warming when it's not even real?
>Lance Kenan Hey Neil what are you doing tonight man
>Neil Baro Nm I don't really have plans
>Lance Kenan You wanna go see Kick Ass, it's already made the top 250 on IMDB
>Neil Baro Yeah sounds awesome give me a call when you go
>Jake Kuster I just got status annexed
by twanx1234 May 7, 2010