A girl who can make you speechless, who takes your breath away when you're near them. Their beauty can stun people, their wit is unbeatable, the closes word to describe an Anná is a goddess. This is someone you should stick with, they'll go far, they will be there when you need them, and they won't give up on you, ever.
I wish I had Anná, she's the best.
I couldn't live without Anná.
by Hirtle Turtle June 06, 2017
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An amazing friend who you can put your trust in. She's funny, sweet, and very kind. She knows when to be a friend and when to be a "parent". She gets hyper by the tiniest piece of sugar, but can sometimes remain in control of herself. She knows how to make people smile and laugh. She seems like the kind of person to always be cheerful, but inside she's falling apart. You will always want to see her happy and laughing because when she's down, you'll feel like you just died. Anna's the kind of person you never want to lose because she's the bestest person you'll ever meet
Hey, where's Anna?
She stormed out of the classroom, what did you do?!

Hey Mia, can you help me with hw?
Yeah, I had plans but I can cancel them for you.
Really?! Thanks
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by Melody_photo August 04, 2017
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An absolutely amazing girl who is very hard on the outside, but once you get to meet her, she is the kindest, cutest, and nicest girl you will ever meet. Whenever she walks into a room, heads turn, because everyone know how much of a great person she is, Extremely fit girl who is curvy, and beautiful, on the inside and the outside, but she tends to doubt many of these qualities, but it is true, she is the prettiest person in the world, and makes a good friend for anyone.
1: She is such an Anna
2: I know right
by Anna’s slave June 06, 2018
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The great multi-tasker. An Anna can raise many kids, maintain a job, cook every night and still know the latest gossip.
"Wow! I don't know how you have time to do all this and still know when Jenny is having her period this month. You must be Anna."
by Anonymous712 July 14, 2012
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Perfect. Truly amazing. Smart, funny, gorgeous, charming, talented at everything she does, sweet, outgoing, crazy, cool, amazing, nice, and popular. She also has great taste in everything. She is good-spirited and stylish. She is also very comforting and there is never a time where you don't want to be with her. She always knows just what to say. Everyone knows who she is. The best person you will ever meet. Guys, the want her and girls, they want to be her. It is impossible to get mad at her because she is just too great. You will never meet a more amazing and perfect person than Anna ever.
Wow, she was acting so cool today. Just like Anna!
by FunGo-er November 25, 2011
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A woman who is nice to everyone.
Anna doesn't badmouth people.
You will rarely see her mad though, it would have to be for a good reason only.
She is an honest, sincere, kind girl. She adores her family,
respects all. She's not a mean person and if you knew
her you would know exactly how sweet and beautiful she really is.
Anna is probably spending time with her family.
by done writing April 18, 2013
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Anna is the most awesome person you will ever meet. She is typically short with beautiful eyes and short hair. She is usually limber and very good when it comes to constructing, building or crafting things. She dresses lazily and is very beautiful even when she does not try. Anna is very intelligent and really loves learning. She is a very sweet and compassionate person, but she is also very fierce, strong and independent. She is a bit of a psycho. Anna is quite a dork and slightly awkward but you love her even more. She is the most loyal friend and girlfriend you could ever have. Anna is the type of person you love and cherish so much that it would be a nightmare to ever lose her. She is the type of person that you could grow old with and love forever.
"How long have you and Anna been friends?"
"For like 30 years. She is a really awesome person and I love her."
by PsuedoAnonymousAnon September 16, 2017
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