A swedish word for a thin person who has a squeeky voice, like chipmunk. who's appearances looks similiar to asparagus
Look! he is so thin he is like a Anly.
by Grünberg July 13, 2007
An incredibly unique girl or boy. Sweet but takes no shit. Incredible style and usually the center of attention. Amazing friend and amazing lover. Extremely clumsy and loses everything. She/he is the type of person that says “txt me when you get home”.
Damn Anly’s fit is fire
by November 23, 2021
Anli is a strange, irregular name. It's uncommon to meet someone with the name Anli as it is not usually used. Anli can be a loud, annoying, yet funny girl with a bit too much personality. Some people can't handle her, and only those strong enough to stand her stupidity and goofy laugh can be her friend. Even though she is too much to handle, she can also be caring to her friends. Anli can also be very sensitive, and it is found that even though she acts tough, she cries behind the scenes, so don't bully an Anli.
Person1: "Do you know that loud girl waving her arms in the air, over there?"
Person2: "Unfortunately, I do. Her name's Anli."
by Freezergoat September 10, 2018
Anlie is a very cute couple that is always together no mater what and gets each other through everything
Omg that anlie couple is so cute like no joke
by Jaslynn March 28, 2018