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Anjeli is the sweetest, kindest person you will meet. She will always stand up to her friends and family and will risk everything to make others happy. But, don't mess with her or she will mess with you. Having an Anjeli is like having a dog, she will be loyal and protective of her family and friends. She won't always be the most romantic person to be with but she doesn't always have a clean mind. Many people will share their deepest secrets with Anjeli because she's trustworthy and honest. To be with an Anjeli could be the best decision to make. Try to keep her happy because she always tries to keep you happy.
Guy 1: have you met my girlfriend Anjeli she's the best, she's loyal to me and would never cheat on me and she's the most honest person you could meet.

Guy 2: no, but she sounds great!
by My_Name_Is_Unkown July 12, 2017
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Anjeli is a sweet angel who is caring loving and just fun to be with Anjeli lights up every room that she goes into
Person 1:Hey! Have you heard that anjeli is coming to the party tonight

Person 2: Wow! she is I but it's going to be a great night!
by Anjeli July 04, 2016
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