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A male creature of a highly intense sexual nature, the type which females both fat and drunk want to hit on, but understand will slap their butters selves down. Used predominately in South-East England, most notably in North London. Not to be mistook for 'Ange', a female name.
"Oh Martha, I just wish I could touch that Anj", "Well, Sarah, now have you learnt your lesson? Anj's are dangerous for the health of bfugly chicks like you"
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Abdun Naqib Jimmy. An aspiring musician. Voted chick hunter of the year 2008. Amazing talent with the guitar and incredible skills with women, role model for many, inspiration for too many.

A metal head with hip hop out look i.e usually seen wearing a cap (which he has an extensive collection of).

Awesomely funny but really dum i.e (brain speed is slower than Justin Timberlakes grandmother)
I want to become just like ANJ.

Cats have nine lives dogs have one, you mess with ANJ you'll have none.
by Amstah May 24, 2010
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Someone named Anj or Anjelina can tend to be a bit unusual. They don’t feel the need to socialize with others, but they do it very well. They tend to be beautiful girls, that just don’t know it. They are some of the most adorable and hilarious people you will meet.
Anj is such a charmer!
by Doodle Scootle June 04, 2019
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