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Indonesian word for 'dog', but also used to describe an enraging situation. Never say it in front of your elders!
Dede: Mana dompet lu?
Asep: Anjing! Ketinggalan di angkot!
by pecintawanita93 September 18, 2011
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anjing mean beautiful for girl and handsome for boy , it can be use for personality too .
"you are so anjing today , it makes me so mad how can you be soo anjing"

"he is so anjing , all the teachers loves him"
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Internet slang used by most Malaysian and Indonesian to express almost anything that cannot be express with word.
Anjing, kalah lagi!
Jangan marah aku, anjing.
Rasa macam anjing.
by Modern Malay Record December 01, 2020
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its how indonesian insult people when they are annoyed with something
when ur one friend doesn't close the door , and u r just annoyed with that person just say "anjing!"
by kloe1234 April 27, 2017
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One word with different context and different meaning

In Mandarin, Anjing (read as Anching) means shut the fuck up

In Indonesian, Anjing means Dog/Bitch
In Mandarin Class

Laoshi (Teacher): Why are you laughing?
Students: because this (pointing to Anjing word)
Laoshi: My Xueshen (Xueshen = Student), "Anjing" In Mandarin and Indonesian spelled differently, you know in Mandarin, "J" spelled like "C" in "Charlie", so ANCHING, ANJING

Laoshi then fired due to bad words
by Sir. B May 19, 2020
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Specifically In Mandarin Chinese, the word Anjing (安静) denotes the state of being calm/peaceful/placid/etc.

It is most often used in the phrase Anjing xia lai , which literally means to "calm down". Often used to tell someone to chill when they've lost their cool.
Kid 2: No!
Kid 2: No!!!
*Kid 1 & 2 fight*
Kid 3: Yo Anjing xia lai guys!!! It's just a toy, chill
by Obv troll is obvious February 22, 2021
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