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Anitra is a beautiful,smart,sweet,and cool person.She is beyond gorgeous!She can make all of guys fall in love with her easily.Her charm, wit,and with her beautiful smile.She is a good looking girl with brains,sexy,and hot.She is the goddess of the grace!With beautiful smokey brown eyes and is a faithful loyal chick with cute curly brown hair.
Jason:Anitra is a beautiful woman!
Rob:Yes I know right? Any guy would be lucky to be with her!
by Poopoo12 June 09, 2017
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Anitra is a really cool person. She is always chillaxed and excels in the arts. Usually short by nature, Anitra finds food by thinking of elaborate plans to reach the fridge door. Usually is friends with Kevins and other people with names of amazing magnitude. Can be very funny, but usually her Kevin friends are funnier >=D
"Anitra " (N): That was amazingly artistic! You're so great at arts, you must be an Anitra!
by Kevinthecool January 22, 2009
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