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Secretary Mattis: Why do you want to destroy North Korea?
President Trump: They do not produce a stable economy of Anime Tiddies.
Secretary Mattis: Understandable, have a nice day.
by Whatisasoftr August 22, 2017
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phat ass tiddies every fucking weeb wants stuffed in their faces. If you don't like anime tiddies, you are gay and you should burn in hell.
"Damn this anime bitch has the fattest tiddies"
"Nigga why the fuck you looking at anime tiddies in the middle of Spanish class?"
by showbobsandvegene April 20, 2018
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When little edgy 12 year olds look up anime porn when their parents leave
Mom:Bye Jimmy,I'm going to the store
Kid:*gets on computer and looks up anime tiddies*
by Some edgy anime fan June 30, 2016
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