A place where, no matter what you do, you will not be the biggest dork around.
Last weekend, Julie and her friends attended an anime convention, and found themselves presently surprised that many other con-goers had much worse wapanese-syndrome than they did.
by Erpbedoodle August 13, 2010
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The best place to go people watching. Anime conventions are the type of place where people will stand at the bottom of an escalator and gather hugs for three hours. People dress up in the most outrageous of outfits, including, but not limited to, kimonos, Japanese school uniforms, tutus, Victorian dresses or suits, and various cosplay outfits.
While not all attendees are nerds, geeks or the like there are a great many, and are very fun to talk to. As are most other convention people.
While there are planned activities and viewings, convention people are very creative, and have started multi level capture the flag games on multiple occasions.
Bottom line, conventions are funner than they seem. Especially while trying not to get caught by the retired volunteers that run the place.
That anime convention was SO fun last night!
I know right, too bad they make minors leave at 2am.
by TheEllieSan August 12, 2010
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A Gathering where fans of Japanese Animation and Video Games unite. It has the typical geeky convention vibe, as most conventions do. You will find your fair share of cosplayers, crossplayers, and wapanese. But, not everyone there is wapanese, many are regular folk that enjoy Anime.
When going to an anime convention, be sure to avoid the creepy 40 year olds dressed as Sailor Moon.
by Sheepz October 3, 2004
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A means of fostering community acceptance for athletically challenged American college students under the guise of cultural appropriation.
I'll never be a pop star or join a pro sports team, but I might win first place in the kpop or video game contest at my county anime convention.
by LiliWhite May 24, 2019
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-a place of gathering where people who enjoy reading manga, watching anime or cosplay an go to immerse themselves with well...the asian (usually and most likely japanese)stuff they like.
-this is not confined to asian people either, if you ever do go to an anime convention, you'll most likely see a lot of white kids cosplaying from fruits basket, guys looking from hentai dolls, or kids runnig with katanas.hell, you might even see a black guy dressed like sora running with his keyblade!
-if you go, you might have to pay $20 for a good convention, and they'll probably have a band playing anime openings.
-be prepared to hold up the peace sign for long periods of time, you might get carpel tunnel.

brandon :"yo amn, im so bored this week, i have nothing to do"
soshi(joe) : "hey man, come with me to the anime convention, it'll be lots of fun!!! :D"
brandon :"isn't that only for asian kids?"
soshi(joe):"hells no, you baka, everyone can go!and it's not only for kids!a lot of old fat guys hang in the back and masterbate to hentai!they're sugoi!
brandon:"what the hell are you saying?"
soshi: "KONNICHIWA!!"
by germanic soda bomb April 25, 2008
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noun. a place for people who like anime to hang out and talk about it. many dress up as their favorite anime characters i.e. cosplay. it is a freakshow of sorts for normal people to see but it is not that bad really. most are not otaku, just watch out for the fat old ones -wink-. most people there would look normal or semi-normal in a regular setting. contradictory to popular belief, not all fans there are completley obsessed, they are just there to have fun. you can pretty much talk to anyone and they are friendly.
normal person: "aaahhh!!! theres some guy over there with a huge swoard made of duct tape and cardboard whaddo i do?!?!?!" -calls cops-

anime con-goer: "......"

anime convention.....just a place for friends...
by kyuubi_san March 3, 2007
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i cant wait to wear my neko cosplay at the anime convention!
by catears July 18, 2015
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