A virtual playground created by Nat Geo Kids that was intended for children ages 4-12. The site allows players to create their own animal avatar, wander around the vast world of Jamaa, trade, decorate their own den/house, attend parties, hang out with friends, and more. Being almost 10 years old, the site has developed over the years from its original beta period. Some people say that they liked the so-called "beta days" better, while others prefer the more modern Jamaa. Regardless there are over 10,000,000 players to this day.
Animal Jam is a virtual animal playground for kids!
by Urban-Jamaa August 16, 2015
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Animal Jam is a game intended for younger audiences but can attract people from teenagers to young adults. It was meant to be a game about educating kids about animals and nature, but has turned into a game of trading and wanting to become the rarest person in the game. It's quite sad, really. Anyways, a lot of items in the game have a certain rarity and people will trade certain things for it. Animal Jam YouTubers are also popular, however, most of them have created a bad reputation in the community.
Do you have any Rare Item Mondays on Animal Jam?

No, I traded all of mine for a few den betas.
by Yeight AJ April 11, 2018
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animal jam is a complete hell hole in which the creators couldn't give two shits about which is sad because its the game i grew up with and i watched it turn into this but i still play it because there's a part of me that still loves it
by saltyajhipster July 19, 2017
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That one game all the 2010's kids obsessed over for about 4 years.
Kid 1: "Bro have you played Animal Jam?"
Kid 2: "Maybe. Okay possibly."
Kid 3: "We should all go over to my house tonight and play it till dawn!"
by onewiththegays April 13, 2020
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An online game intended for 8-12 year old children, that involves trading and conversing with others around the world as an animal of your choice. Animal Jam used to be good when it was first created in 2010, but overtime, it grew worse and worse until it was absolute shit invaded by horny children and jerks. Jammers to this day are rare-obsessed brats who care about nothing but pixelated items, causing them to scam others into giving them more rares. Animal Jam was once a very fun-loving video game but is now a game of war and pixel sex.
Oh, have you heard of that game called Animal Jam? Yeah, it's totally gone to hell.
by sHoCk W4vE September 4, 2017
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Animal Jam is the bastardization of the original animals of this creation by the asshole Gods from Olympus sought to esacpe what they believed would be their end when the Leviathan showed up. Zeus and his one head case kid were left to fend for themselves. Out of cowardice they changed into animals and remained as such because of their disloyalty. Such irresponsible pricks they were that the Lord God was begged to intervene and something about the monsters they had created and left unattended... sadly the flood warning was given to Noah who unknowingly took one former god and one true animal... likely why man and animal ate or hunted one another after this and Diana grew obsessed with hunting.
The gods of Olympus stuck in animal form bred forth with a strange stinking oozing animal jam bastardization of those animals as originally created.
by Mskittypurrs October 10, 2019
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A site for 8-10 year old kids. Sometimes 43 year olds looking for some little to molest
30 year old: My kid goes on Animal Jam

43 year old: I know I fucked her on the internet
by Mgentdf July 17, 2013
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