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She is a cool girl who is really smart. Very cute too. She is an amazing girlfriend. She will do anything for her friends or significant other. Usually a light skin with nice eyes. She is short and athletic. Likes guys who are tall black and athletic
S: Damn I wish I had a girl like Anielle.
O: I know right messiah is lucky
by THt1boy March 30, 2017
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a shy person at first, but once you get to know her she is actually very dirty and actually like cute animals and is very small in size with very cute things. she is very short. She also plays sports even with her size. She usually has no endurance and can jump really high and laughs at almost everything you say and is to nice to the people she dislikes. she wants to be the best at everything but isn't. she like guys that are short,black hair with blues eyes, must be short and is light skinned. she is really good at drawing. she is extremely nice even when you try to make her mad(hard to get her mad).
she is such a anielle
by rameneater November 28, 2016
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anielle is someone who likes cats .... alot. anielle also likes to sleep and is verry sexual ,she is cute , hot and probably has short hair.
a:dayum check her out

s: yea thats anielle
by catsforlyfe July 04, 2016
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