Along with breaking up, angst is the only subject that Mainstreme music seems to be able to cover.
Nu-Metalists seem to be unable to right anything but angst.
by I hate your Emo Haircut December 11, 2004
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1.What often teenage feel in their strugle to claim their individuality, often terminates with the coming of adulthood when they understand that they always were just another number in the mass of the faceless mediocrity.

2.A way of behaving that was cool in the 80's with their whole punk thing, and that now is just considered plane lame
Angst does not help you getting laid...it neither makes you look cooler...
by drow February 10, 2003
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Angst (german for "fear").
when said that someone has "angst personality" means that, that person sees the world as a gray dark world without hope nor good sides. He/she usually doesn't care about others nor him/herself. An "Angst Culture" is also rising in the Scandinavia, where more and more people become "Angsted".
by Davey DDnon. May 26, 2003
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The sound a fat man makes when he has sauerkraut stuck in his throat.
"This is delicious sauerkr--- aaaaAANNNGGSSSTTT---aut."
by laurah borealis August 27, 2005
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1. see xanga, emo
2. adaptation of German word for "fear"(and quite an extension if you ask me 0_o) referring to an emotion, more or less hormonally induced, occurring in early and middle stages of puberty for most people and in worst-case scenarios for some menstruating women.Often accompanied by a loss of perspective and an extreme magnification of trifling difficulties.
Angsty 13 yr olds are the target age group for the new razor blade company's advertisements.
by IntestinePoet July 09, 2005
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saddnes, with a bit of vengeance...
I had a sudden angst when that drunk driver hit my cat, so I wanted to get vengeance on his ass!
by Demoltion_Luver December 26, 2007
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1. The thing that 50% of teenagers are afflicted with.
2. The thing that the other 50% of teenagers pretend to be afflicted with.
3. A kickass KMFDM album.
1. His schizophrenia causes him a lot of angst. Sucks to be him.
2. omgzz mi lyfe sux i wanna die!!111
3. This album rules!
by EnnW April 07, 2007
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