Stupid teenage girls who think that because their boyfriend left them and they have one zit on their ass that the whole world has teamed up against them.

Commonly depressed, anxious, and very emo.
OMGZ~! LINKIN PARK SAIZ CRAWLEENG IN MA SKIN I KAN RELAIT 2 DAT S0 WELL LOLZ!!!!11 they noez exaktly h0w i feelz!!/1 *slits wrists*
by EmoHater February 02, 2005
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Something I had a lot of when published most of my other UD entries.
"I had a lot of angst and angry when I published those definitions of teen parent, religion and nice guy, and now I feel bad because I can't delete any of them."
by desPERRYado December 26, 2006
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An intense longing or yearning for someone or something to happen in one's life. Angst by its modern definition does not necessarily carry a negative connotation, and can be a positive emotion that many people seek out in relationships or in life. Angst is also common in dramatic relationships and can be a driving force that pushes two people to be together because of the fact that being apart from each other makes their hearts yearn for each other. We call this being 'angsty'. Being angsty is the result of having an excessive amount of angst in one's life.
"I'm so angsty right now! I just want to kiss Chase soooo bad!"
by blondebombshell2 February 12, 2012
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What a son, away at college, experiences when his mother's number appears on the caller ID while he is ballz deep inside his girlfriend. Also, what a lunatic mother experiences when she finds out that her college age son is kissing another womans ass.
He experienced so much angst after he saw who was calling while he was balling.
by non-anchor May 19, 2006
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Kim Fey............................
Kim Fey needs to get over herslef and do something about her problems.
by not penis December 17, 2004
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a word used to describe a feeling felt by sissies, who have nothing better to do than mope around and feel sorry for themselves.
God!, Life is So unfair!
by BL March 07, 2004
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