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When you try to slide your panties to the side and ride your man's face but end up giving him rug burn instead.
"Yo man what happened to your face?"

"Ah bro, I was trying to tongue the dam down last night but got a mouth full of angry beaver instead."
by sikpuhp May 31, 2016

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When you slice someone's balls open and Jack them off while pouring lime juice over your hand until they nut a mixture of juice and blood at you.
She said she was thirsty so I told her to fix up a Cherry Limeade, they're my favorite.
I'm never staying in Amsterdam again.
by sikpuhp September 08, 2014

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When you smoke Snoop Dog levels of weed and then fall asleep immediately after you made plans to go do something.
Sorry I didnt show up last night, I got Cy-tracked.
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by sikpuhp April 20, 2020

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