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Most loyal,funny,kind,beautiful, perfect lady you will ever run into

Angelena is my life...

My best friend

My shauty
My lover
My everything
Man am I in love with her

Angelena loves her family,friends and anything has the biggest heart

But don't get it twisted

She crazy bad dont fuck with her when it comes to the people she loves

Many boys will fall for her
"Man do I love her"
Angelena stands for the most funny up beat person you will ever know
by Sabatian_13 July 17, 2017
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A Sex Pistol.
Damn, She's So Perfect.

Angelena Is Like, 11/10. 20/10 Would Bang.
Her Stuffs Clean To Mane, Mmf.
Boys Drool Over Da Booty.
Angelena Is My Wife.
Angelena Is Sex.
Angelena Is Love.
Angelena Is Life.
" Damn, She Was GREAT In Bed. "

" Was Her Name Angelena? "

" I Don't Know, I Didn't Ask! Probably! "
by Ariel Miller December 27, 2013
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