Angel of all.Beatuiful inside and out. Hipnotic eyes and amazing body. Loving and loyal.
Angel cakes is my Angel.
by lusciousangel January 31, 2019
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When you jizz on some ones eyes when they are asleep. The cum hardens and crusts over, therefore acting as a cement for the eyelids. The victim wakes up, but can't open their eyes.
"I gave Jay the best angel cake last night. He flipped out when he couldn't open his eyes."
by Big N 44 March 31, 2008
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Angel cake means vagina, basically. The whole female crotch area. Usually to be used when overwhelmed with the female form.
Woah James is in a forest with 4 naked chicks; that's alot of angel cake for one pork sword.
by Chambles and Thof August 11, 2009
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A loving name for a best friends to take place of the homo-sounding "baby cakes" mostly meant for teenage girls. Referring to them as your sweet angelic bestie (best-friend).
I'll miss you bestie angel cakes...
by eerikaanne1298 January 29, 2011
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In cake terms this represents the healthiest cake you can eat i.e. the most fucking pointless

So Angel Food Cake represents the most pointless fucking horrendous tits you have ever seen

You will still try them because its cake but you don't really see the point
OK I will have a quick slice of your angel food cake. Just a little slice though
by Working Class Hero November 28, 2020
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Once an angel food cake has been penetrated, it is no longer an angel food cake.
by Oneironauts March 07, 2014
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