The most awesome book in the world. It is the tale of the apocalypse with the antichrist Adam, the supposed evil Crowley and the ever goodwilled Azi. It is a work of art written in collaberation between two fabulous master minds, fantasy writer Neil Gaiman, and British humorist Terry Pratchett.
If you are bored of the everyday drivel they serve as reading materials, check out Good Omens, which is funny as hell.
by Cherrycallista July 14, 2006
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Good Omens is a book
A good book
Good Omens is also a show
A very good show

it's about cool demons and angels and hot people
Person 1: Hey have you seen Good Omens?
Person 2: The book or the show?
Person 1: The show.
Person 2: Ah the show
Person 1: Anathema is hot
Person 2: I'm a lesbian for Anathema
by Local Catgirl Hacker March 9, 2023
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A brilliant book by Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman. If armageddon goes this way, I'm in.
If that guy on the front of Good Omens supposed to look like Gordon Ramsay?
by Calamity13 August 15, 2006
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(spoilers) Good omens is a series released on prime on 2019 and has 2 seasons. The first season follows Crowley and aziraphale. Aziraphale is an angel in heaven, and Crowley was previously an angel before he sauntered vaguely downwards. In the present day, the couple try to stop armageddon. Basically, Armageddon is the plan of heaven and hell to see which one is better. The two planned to make Adam, the son of Satan, to be neither good or bad. At the end they end up stopping armageddon from happening and the earth from ending. But right before you think the credits would roll aziraphale and crowley leave to get some ice cream (I forgot). As they were about to leave, aziraphale gets kidnapped and while Crowley was chasing after him he gets caught too. Crowley was sent back to hell to serve his punishm and aziraphale gets sent to heaven for the same reason. In hell, Crowley was given the punishment of bathing in holy water. Which, if it wasn't obvious, will kill him instantly. The archangel Michael arrived with a pot (I forgot what it was called) filled with holy water and began to fill the tub. I have no idea how a small pot filled an intire tub with holy water but who knows? Probably some miracle they performed.
While in heaven, Aziraphale was given the punishment of burning alive. One of the demons came in and lit the fire thingy and Aziraphale was ordered to step in. As he stepped into the burning flames he was completely unfazed and even blew fire at the archangel Gabriel, which he dodged. In hell, Crowley was just chilling in the holy water, not giving a shit. It was basically just a regular bath to her. The Duke of hell, Lord Beelzebub was left confused and the archangel Gabriel aswell. They end up letting the two leave and go back to earth. Crowley and aziraphale met up with each other and that's where we find out that the two have actually switched places, which explains how Crowley didn't evaporate in the holy water and how aziraphale didn't burn to death.
Yes, this is an excuse to rant about good omens
by Mjazz_JUSTCALLMEMJ. September 24, 2023
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The TV series on Prime Video (For free if you have Prime, thank me later) or the book?
Awesomest book ever written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Two seasons with six episodes each, and the third soon to come (How exciting ikr)
Crowley played by David Tennant
Aziraphale played by Michael Sheen
Gay comedy (Not really in the book)
Have you heard of Good Omens?
Yeah, it's full of angels and demons and gay hot people.
by -KTGH- November 8, 2023
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