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An amazing girl who’s loved by everyone as she’s so smart,talented,beautiful and smart af like duh she’s an Anesu and she deserves the world
JazmineC:Did you know why people are given the name Anesu ??
Anfal:Coz they are truly amazing people

Yasmin:Yes I agree sooo much I know one of them
by A_kxx September 05, 2018
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Name of Zimbabwean origin, meaning "God is with us"
People named Anesu are very attractive, smart, charming, and great in bed.
Did you see Anesu? He's so hot!
by Deelishis1 March 13, 2017
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A Zimbabwean name "meaning god is with us." Anesu's are BEASTS in bed, fights, and will snatch your girl no questions asked. But Anesu's are kind, thoughtful, creative and make the best friends ever. These niggas will smash on almost ANYBODY who attempts to do ANYTHING to them. Anyone who tries to punk Anesu will get smashed on. And weather or not its a female can make the ''smash'' part different . When it comes to roasting Anesu's can either cook you alive or leave you with some light burn marks. Anesu's are the best people in the world. If Jesus came back he would be an Anesu. Gods middle name is most likely Anesu.
Guy:"yo that dude stole my, slept with m:y mom, and after I confronted him he made a diss track about me and sung it to the whole school!"
Guy 2:" Bro lets go jump him then!"
Guy:" Naw bro he's an Anesu."
Guy 2: Well R.I.P dude you are screwed
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The type of girl you will never want to forget. She is smart, popular,crazy, beautiful, great with making new friends, extremely fun and a great friend. She has her ways of showing friendship like biting, sitting on you and punching you. Anesus are the type to tease you a lot. But at the end of the day they are the people that cry with you especially when it is a book or movie. They are the people you can trust with your life. Boys fall easily for her.Anesu is loyal when it comes to relationships as well but be careful, she will make fun of you when you supposedly have a "crush" on an ugly guy on tv.
1: I hate anesu
2: why
1:she is all that , what do they even see in her
2: well, she is gorgeous
by **dis**** August 21, 2017
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A young, black zimian creature found in the hightops of the trees and in the caves of Chinhoyi. This is a very vicious creature, enjoys snacking on cocoa and peanuts, typically together.

A name that your parents may call you, relevent to the former definition.
Did you see Anesu?!
Yeah, only briefly, he ran off again.
by rabidanesu May 12, 2011
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Black man that thinks he has a big dick but truly doesn't
You have an Anesu
by Ehehsb September 05, 2016
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The Most beautiful person you'll ever meet once you find one you don't ever want to lose them. They are the best friend you could ever had and great in bed honestly. Once you kiss her it's like magic you never want to stop.
Person 1: These Zimbabwean Bitches be fine!
Person 2: Who?
Person 1: That girl over there
Person 2: Most likely an Anesu
by bigjungus November 18, 2019
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