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Someone who thinks the Apollo manned lunar landings were faked in a studio on earth. Despite a mountain range worth of documentation regarding the subject, and the fact that no hoax claims can stand up to even minimal strutiny and that no one in the world's scientific community casts any doubt on the subject, these idiots spew the same long-debunked garbage that has easily been refuted and shown to be bullshit for the past 40 years. Most of these idiots watch a couple of Youtube videos regarding the subject, consider that to be valid "research" and subsequently consider themselves to be experts on the subject. There are 3 types:

1. Your general skeptic. These types fully admit that they don't know much about the subject and are just generally inquisitive. The fact that they're willing to be objective and open-minded only keeps them on the wrong side of the fence for a short time.

2. Haters. These people know damn well their theories are wrong and stupid, but have some other hidden agenda, for example anti-Americanism or resentment for being such a god damned loser and never accomplishing anything with their own lives.

3. The batshit crazy. These people aren't even worth conversing with because their standpoint on the subject has nothing to do with facts. Denying a historical event like the Apollo missions is just a religion to them. You could fly them to the moon, rub their noses in the landing sites and hit them on the head with a moon rock and they'd still call it fake.
Hoaxer: You sheeple need to do your research. Why was the flag waving in the wind?

You: The flag is not "waving in the wind". There's no atmosphere on the moon (negligible, anyway), so an extension rod was mounted on the top of it so the flag wouldn't be limp. Secondly, in all of the Apollo footage, it's only moving when the astronaut is inserting it into the ground and twisting the pole, which makes it swing back and forth like a pendulum. Since there's no atmosphere, there's no air resistance to restrict its movement or give it the "parachute" effect. Mythbusters even demonstrated this. And don't give me that "Mythbusters aren't always right" jargon.....all they did was demonstrate how it would behave in an atmosphere compared to how it would behave in a vacuum. Looking at the Apollo footage, it behaves the way it would in a vacuum, not in an atmosphere like it would on a "soundstage" as hoaxers suggest.

Hoaxer: Whatever shill!
by Kenya Fister April 28, 2015
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