And I poop is a term used by vsco girls who accidentally poop their pants
And I poop let me go wipe that off brb
by Shrekyfishyshtekyfishy October 16, 2019
A skyrim character I created AKA the real dragonborn
Person1: your not the dragonborn

Dovakin: I poop
by Idiotcowboy69 August 22, 2021
the older i-pod touch that you use only when you are in the toilet taking a poop.
i was sitting on the can using my i-poop touch reading the latest article from google.
by karaoke008 November 12, 2012
"But I poop from there" is a fad regarding a porn film and anal sex. The YTMND quotes porno actress Anne Howe trying to coax an actor out of drilling her in the colon by saying "But I poop from there" The actor, Buck Adams, having no qualms about getting fecal matter on his penis simply ignores her deterrent and casually says "Not right now you don't" An imporant thing about the fad is that the "naughty parts" are censored by a "red X" normally found on webpages for images that do not load up correctly (sometimes referred to as the floating red X of doom). Most fad sites will have other images censored with a red X along with the quote.

The scene comes from the Movie "Young and Anal 15"
by Urban Dictionary April 29, 2008
This means that you had excriment leave your anus.
I just sat on the toilet and I pooped today. I also Tweeted about it.
by Smitty134 April 15, 2011
1. To mess up or to make a mistake
2. To misunderstand or misinterpret someone's conversation
"What the hell did you do that for?"
-"I'm sorry, I guess I pooped in the toilet."
by peteypab November 6, 2013
Something Ryan Francis says
we know Ryan we know...
by AK April 17, 2003