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When someone gives an answer or makes an observation, of an object, event or situation that has happened or could happen, covered in very good detail.
As Dani, Hassan and Leo were having a conversation, Dani was secretly trying to convince hassan to buy something from him, Leo spots this then tells the others of this observation which he has made. This is 'Analysys mode'.

Dani comes into the house, pretending he is in a bad mood, while sitting and talking to Leo, Hassan picks up on Dani's movements and actions, he then analyzed the situation, then says Dani was faking the bad mood. This is analysis mode
by leok2 January 22, 2014
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Adv. The act of being a douche

especially: The act of douche baggery that involves the invention of words.
"Justin Seward was getting all analysy and shit, making up words again."
by J.Rooney October 27, 2010
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