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Anahi comes from a Spanish orgain meaning "beautiful as a flower" she's also nice, sweet,Pretty,independent ,strong ,and lovable but if you push her buttons you got bad luck but mostly she'll always be nice.
Anahi is so nice but don't push her buttons.
by Ella.smith March 10, 2016
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anahi a drop dead gorgeous girl that is very independent. shes unique and down for her shit. she can be the sweetest girl you know or the biggest bitch in your life. once you meet her your life will become 100 times better. she has a body of an hourglass and a face of an angel. she has a little waist and a big round cake. shes a stunner, once she walks into a room its all eyes on her. she may come off as being complicated but in the end its all worth it.she could give two fucks about people that talk shit shes too good for that. don't test her patience because she will kick your ass. shes someone you can vent to and someone with great advice. you will never meet someone like her in your life. shes truly genuine. she has the most amazing eyes and voice. shes multitalented and she strives for success. most loyal and faithful piece of ass you will have in your life. she is a dime plus 99 you wont get enough of this girl. she tends to be confident and is very ruthless. basically anahi is the most amazing person you will ever meet!
guy 1: damn that girl is banging

guy 2: hell ya! who is she?
guy 1: that's anahi bro!
guy 2: lets talk to her!
by optimistic_14 September 19, 2013
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Anahi can be an angel and a bitch at once, so stay on her good side. She's an amazing person with different ways to her (ex: athletic, nerdy,moody,sassy,weird,strong,pretty,etc.) This girl can get pissed very easily unless you are close to her, than she makes sure to not kill you.
Boy: Hey Anahi, you're such a nerd.
Anahi: And you're a dumbass, but you don't hear me saying anything.
by cheeksbopeeps July 30, 2017
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a beautiful girl who is as sweet as a flower, as cute as a sunset and an easily loved girl. If you know her, don't say her name wrong or she will be mad
Boy 1: hey can you hook me up with Anahi
Boy 2: witch one?
Boy 1: the one who is as sweet as a flower
Boy 2: sorry no, she is taken
by Sjfjcsjdnf March 21, 2019
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Mexico's biggest 'IT Girl', socialite, and actress at the moment, she is currently in a pop band 'RBD' and on their show RBD:La Familia. She is way hot and worked hard to get to where she is.
Anahi is really sexy even though people call her a talent-less slut attention whore that looks like a Barbie Doll.
by sdge July 29, 2007
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Anahi is the name of a girl who can show her sweet side, but is very bitchy deep down. Because of her nice attitude, you can easily be manipulated by her. She is like a Devil So guys, be careful when dating or talking to an Anahi, she can be a manipulative bitch
Guy 1: duude youre BLIND, Anahi USING YOU
Guy 2: i know but... Shes so nice to me and i really like her
Guy 1: bro....shes the devil but whatever, your problem
by TheWiseBean June 11, 2018
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A girl who is a bitch and thinks she is always right. She has a pretty appearance, but her heart is ugly.
Joe: do you know anahi?
Tina: ew yes.
by Mackenzie 13 May 14, 2015
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