A small town located in central Northern Louisiana, populated mainly by rednecks and/or Southern Baptists (20,546 people). Devoid of any real intellectual or cultural substance, it is not suprisingly also the place of the last known lynching of a black man. Home of Louisiana Tech University, possibly the only remotely interesting thing about the town, known to produce relatively pedestrian graduates other than Karl Malone and Terry Bradshaw. Ruston lacks any real recreational activities, so the mostly college-age population spends most of their time drinking and experimenting with drugs.
Ruston is home of the Peach Festival? Really? Can you make a pipe out of a peach? No? Well then fuck that man.
by danja.. March 12, 2009
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A town in north Louisiana that’s full of people that don’t have common sense. They drive horribly, they’re trashy people, the city isn’t well taken care of, and they’re technologically behind other cities throughout the US. Louisiana Tech is located here, and they will claim anything that they think that makes them look good. In reality, the university isn’t very good at all. Karl Malone is from this city, so take that how you will.. Homeless people are all over even though this is a small city. Don’t buy into the BS residents and leaders push. Ruston is just happy being poor to mediocre. If you think about moving here, think twice unless you want to live in this nightmare of a city.
Skip: Hey, wanna go to Ruston for the weekend?
Les: No, I’d rather go to Chernobyl.
Skip: What’s the difference?
by October 28, 2021
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a name for a male who is very tan, sarcastic, and hates working with children. Generally Rustons they think they are better than everyone else because they have a "unique" (stupid)name.
Hi my name is Ruston
by Subby08 August 8, 2008
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a very confused,mean,lies to much,has pretty hair,can't make up his mind,someone who doesnt think he is broken up with a girl if she doesnt give him a good reason for breaking up with him.
ruston todd slaven is the example.
by bob marley. July 11, 2008
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