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A Japanese Visual Kei rock band formed in 2003, all from the Kanto region of Japan. Sometimes known as Antic Cafe, Antique Cafe, or An Cafe. They consist of 4 members: Teriku (Drums/Leader of the Band), Miku (vocals), Bou (Guitar), and Kanon (Bass). They are all very different but form one kick-ass group. Their videos are always very unique and incorporate bright colours into them. They are spectacular live and little jrocker female fans go wild when they kiss each other. Some have been arguing on whether they are an Oshare Kei, or Visual Kei band. I personally think they're Oshare Kei, but does it honestly matter? Their music is catchy and easy to dance to. Listen to their songs and you'll fall in love.

Miku - the pretty lead singer
Bou - the cute girly boy (Once said if he was reborn, he'd rather be a female)
Kanon - Hot hot hot/mysterious/quiet
Teriku - Kick-ass drummer/talks way too much in interviews
omg an cafe! This concert is so freakin aweso...HOLY CRAP DID THEY JUST KISS?? AHHHHHHH!! -girly scream-
by TaRA~ September 30, 2006
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Originally named Antique Cafe the band have changed their name three times from their original to Antic Cafe and now down to Ancafe, this is simply because more and more fans used this name. They belong to the Oshare-kei genre which tends to be energetic punk/rock. Lead by Miku, on vocals, all members are in their early to mid twenties with Bou (guitar) being the youngesst to Teruki (drums) being the oldesst. The band came together in 2004 and have stormed Asian charts ever sinse with their loud, energetic and sometimes, but rarely, heavy music. The band are also one of the leading in the fashion industry with countless fans cosplaying as their fav. members. The band also have a mascot whihc is none other than donald duck.
Bou has become famous also through his being Ancafe's 'token' girl. This means not only does his hair resemble that os a girls what with it being long, blonde and normally in ribbons but he also wears womans clothing. However he passes it off so well that everyone loves him for it and despite dressing like a girl Bou is straight as far as love goes.
Miku is known for his donald duck impressions which he does on countless occasions such as on TV, in their comments or just out of the blue. He is also known for his outstanding vocals in which he seems to be able to reach low or as high as he wants to. He is also a huge fashion icon in Japan.
Kanon is the smooth talking heart throb of the band. He tends to be quiter than the others on interviews but thats not to say he's shy at all, in fact Kanon can come out with some truley funny things. He also became a prime fav. through his orle in Ancafe's movie, Bonds, in which he played the cutesst dork ever!!
Finally, Teruki, now here is one random guy. Known for his wise cracks and funny personality he is the loudesst of the lot. He always seems to be making some kind of joke and he delites in picking on his band members, all in fun of course. ^^ Him and Bou seem to be the cloesst of the group, they tend to be very close with each other and even stage kiss from time to time.
So that's the love that is Ancafe! You should deffo check them out!
"Omigosh I love Ancafe sooo much!!"

"Bou is so kawaii it's unreal *nodebleed*"
by emirii-chan October 15, 2006
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Also known as Antic Cafe, or occasionally (but not properly) Antique Cafe, AnCafe is a japanese rock and visual kei group whose music is mainly fluffy pop-rock. Formed by Miku on vocals, Bou on guitar, Teruki on drums and Kanon on bass.
"Did you see Kanon doing that plushie humping thing?!"

"AnCafe are so cute, I can't decide whether to be impossibly jealous or to take them as my slaves"
by coinROCKERbaby June 23, 2006
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