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A little known novel type game, comes in a hentai version (with badly written hentai scenes) and a child friendly version. Only in japanese, though 57% has been put into a translation patch.

Also has anime of it, as well as an epilogue. And some spin off games and manga.

Made by Key
Hey, I just brought that Kanon game off the web! It's supposed to actually be a good game that focuses on the story and not the main character's breasts!
by EdenB May 11, 2005
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Kanon definitely has the biggest pubes of all people. He will steal your girlfriend from you at your own family's thanksgiving dinner, leaving you sitting outside sobbing, staring through the window while everyone watches football and cheers on your ex and her new champ. Then he will take her in your room and show her the 6-legged turkey. Kanons are known for their curly hair, and their pubes.
That guy kanon stole my gf last thanksgiving and left burnt curly fries in my bed.
by Foxeyethefuzz November 24, 2016
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One of the best H-game (or Hentai) game created. Created by Key (company that makes h-games) couple of years back. Reputed for its deep storyline, plot and character development.
I can't give any examples. If you want its synopsis, check elsewhere.
by Welp June 02, 2004
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a crazy, coo-coo, fun, semi-aquatic girl. very quick.
she loves to do a lot, that kanon... and she is the best girl in the world with the biggest family ever.

i really want to be her.
by linziebe September 17, 2011
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Kanon's are typically lemur looking guys who talk too much and are a kinda kinky virgin. They're pretty cool to be around I guess. They're good ole southern boys usually from Texas because everything is bigger in Texas. Except for guys named Kanon because everything about him is tiny but his voice is really deep. Yeehaw.
Person 1: Wow, they're tiny with a really deep voice
Person 2: He must be a Kanon.
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A sweet girl, shy to speak out but always knows the right thing to do and would be a great leader if someone was there to support her during it. Beautiful and young, shes like an angel. People would call her a saint, as she does well with so much. She always has friends near her in case something happens, and shes sure to pay them back with more kindness than needed.
That girl is such a kanon.
The kanon here is amazing!
by Kanonkjhh March 10, 2018
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