The word that text autocorrect coverts to when attempting to type amor, which means “love” in Spanish.
Have you been to the Nugget Casino, amoe?
by DonPitote March 29, 2019
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*girl or guy looking for someone to hit them up*
*posted on some form of social media*
"AMOS" :)
by yepliketheriver November 16, 2016
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Amos is originally a Hebrew name meaning strong, carried, and brave, and is a popular name among the Germans. Amos is often a truck driving, gun shooting, country boy. He's got a good heart and a great smile and is a joy to be around. He is a guarded man but once you break through his walls he will love you well.

Some characteristics of an Amos:

1. He has a German accent
2. He has a cute smile and bright eyes
3. He has a kind heart
4. He cares about his family
5. He's a good kisser
6. He's got a great ass
7. He's a good dancer
8. He loves country music
9. He will always keep you laughing
10. He's a smart ass
His names Amos? He has to be great then.
by K81245 August 27, 2016
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Amos: user12345

*insta story: pic captioned "Amos: user12345"
by Sir Barks Alot April 17, 2017
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This is someone who has a natural charm. He is hard working, smart, gorgeous, kind, lovable,sexy, unique, and has a beyond amazing smile. Just seeing him smile puts a smile onto your face. He is caring, a Christian, loved by many, has a great family, and friends. Athletic, and intelligent. Works hard for whatever he strives towards. He has a great sexy sense of humor. While talking to him, he makes you feel like you already know him, and he is overall such a dreamy handsome man
Oh my,look there is Amos.
by angel of the sky January 13, 2014
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AMOS: snapchatusername
by Ilikesushi December 4, 2016
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New Zealand slang with many meanings and used in many different ways. Mainly used in South Auckland.
1)Short for Amateur
3)Stuffing something up
4)Can be used if you disagree with something
1)You're amo!
2)You're amo!
3)You amoed it.
4)You like apple than microsoft! Your amo!
by Krîþ October 25, 2010
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