*girl or guy looking for someone to hit them up*
*posted on some form of social media*
"AMOS" :)
by yepliketheriver November 16, 2016
If you see this on social media, means Add Me On Snapchat
AMOS: snapchatusername
by Ilikesushi December 4, 2016
by nel October 8, 2016
Aye girl amos, u getting dick pics tonight
by Emerryan February 21, 2017
When you telling your friends how a date or when you randomly met a chiq/guy..."we totally had an AMOS"

Guy:"so how have you been lately?"
Girl: good, bla bla bla bla bla
"you both laugh"
Guy: sooo....=p
by Timziski June 22, 2011
1) "We totally had an AMOS..."

2)Type it on a failed status update with no comment
by Timziski June 8, 2011
Amos: user12345

*insta story: pic captioned "Amos: user12345"
by Sir Barks Alot April 17, 2017