Amni is a girl who is very talented and a friend that anyone can hope for. She is thoughtful, sincere, humble, reliable and a good listener. She is also one of those rare people that you can just share about anything with. She stays rooted to the ground and places family and friends first.

She has a big voice (which she uses well), and more importantly, a bigger heart. She hopes that one day she can use her amazing voice to inspire many and make the world a better place for all.
Amni is a name to remember for she will achieve great things.

Guy 1: Wow! That guy gave an amazing concert!
Guy 2: Yeah! He pulled an Amni.
by HappyBirthday2U October 13, 2011
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Amny is a name of a beautiful, smart woman. She usually has a story to tell. She is funny, and has a good time. But make her upset and she goes off.
Amny is a wonderful person.
by TommiKat August 12, 2018
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A very shy girl with a peculiar attitude. She likes to spend time by watching various movies and dramas. She does not know to make decisions by her own. But, surprisingly she is very independent and talented.
Let's befriend with amnie! She looks lonely!

Ouh, it's amnie. She is very knowledgeable about movies. Let's ask her!
by Wonderful_day February 21, 2018
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amny is a good guy, they’re funny and cute and cursed and nice, he’s just some random soul i found on discord
“yo amny is a sick dude! let’s play fuck with them”
by PopRcoker June 1, 2021
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The uterine fluid which supports a fetus within the womb of an absolute moron mother to be...

See Snooki
It was a safe bet any spawn coming from her amni-idiotic fluid

would not be a rocket scientist.
by sheila in the car March 5, 2012
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She’s tall ,beautiful even have a dark skin and overall a perfect person . she always be someone comforting , such a kind girl . but yk what ? when she down yea no one with her but it's okay , she a stronger girl I even know . she has a talent , she love math , love sport and ofc she love everyone (special only hehe) she want to die but thanks god , she still live cause she know Allah is there for her . whenever you saw her , just " wow that irdina , a strong person " .
by sweet person as ir November 23, 2021
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