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A situation in which a married woman is between divorce and remarriage at the same time, so that there are two males uncomfortably living in the same domain. Acronym for "Another Man in the House". Can also be used as a verb, in which a woman puts her ex-husband or boyfriend in this situation.
Person 1: Gina left George, who now sleeps on the couch. Upstairs, she's sleeping with Jason.

Person 2: Damn Gina's Amith-ing George pretty hard. I'd go nuts if I were him.
by JokeTastic June 01, 2011
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a ridiculing term for someone with a chronic retardation. it insults their speed at tasks and of understanding things
lol it took this Amith 2 hours to cut a cucumber
by 2amith2 May 29, 2018
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A pussy ass bitch that tells people to suck is dick all the time but he doesnt have one
He is such an Amith
by Ahhfha November 26, 2018
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