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Amii's are very lovely, caring and sweet people, yet also have a tendency to smell quite revolting, and to be almost completely oblivious to this, even to the point where they will exclaim they smell of nothing. Amii's will also often be obvious to how great their name is, and will hope in vain to lose one of the i's, which would in effect produce a name that is simply not as good. Amii's may have an unconditional love for Lana Del Rey, which is normally preceded by an adoration for Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O, this however, is a short lived love and will soon pass. It is known that Amii's consume large quantities of coffee, are scared of ghosts, and that their favourite animals are cats, quite befitting of an evil mastermind. Amii's are also incredibly powerful; strong enough to tear the leather of some Dr. Martens boots without even meaning to. Amii's are imaginative, often using their spare time to ponder over how best to destroy their enemies with items such as an empty room and a crocodile, but they can also be quite gullible, and will believe you are fluent in French as long as you have a relative who lives in France. Despite staying up for most of the night and still being able to wake up in the morning, Amii's will deny that they are any form of robot, android or sleepless machine, but the true nature of Amii's being is yet to be confirmed. If you have an Amii in your life, then you are probably a very lucky person, thank her by telling her ghost stories.
Amii: "I would die if Lana Del Rey kissed me."

Amii: "I know I stink, but I won't admit it!"

Amii: "Pfft!"
by cresstopher July 06, 2012
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Amii's are cute, sweet, kind, caring and fun loving!
Someone you like to be around all the time.
This name usually represents a bubbly blond beauty full of passion, ambition and love. Everyone wants to befriend an Amii!
Have you met the new girl? So cool...totally an Amii!
by dowdoe February 06, 2010
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Amii is a skank who gives dudes blowjobs in cinemas.
"Woah, Amii went down in the cinema?"
"Yup. Just like the Titanic, man."
by GemmaHale June 09, 2012
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