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An animated series that is created in the Americas(largely concentrated in the North). This style of animation and of art styles is named as such for its resemblance to the Japanese style known as "Anime". Such examples are Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Other known "Amerime" are: The Boondocks, The Teen Titans, and Dungeons & Dragons.
Have you ever seen Amerime?

Yeah. Avatar The Last Airbender and Avatar the Legend of Korra

Really? Are they good?

by AmazingPlace March 20, 2013
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Amerime is made of the combined words America/American and Anime.

Artists that are from America sometimes refer to there style artwork as Amerime.
Her art style looks Amerime, because it has a mixed style from Asia style artworks and american influenced artworks.
by jkaletta July 03, 2011
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Concidered a blasphemy against anime by otaku, amerime & it's french-canadian counterpart kanadime incorprate a highly unskilled attempt to resemble anime.
Kappa Mikey & Avatar the Last Air Bender are perfect ecamples of amerime. Teen Titans is marginally disqualified for actually being made in asia.
by Allaiyah September 09, 2006
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Americanized anime; refered to as fandubs, and I hate amerime.

2. Anime in america which has less originality then it did back in japan
3. both 1 and 2
Whoot! Sauke's voice makes him sound to 50 in this new Amerime version of Naruto!
by Scotti August 10, 2006
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