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A hilarious amerime show that focuses on an American actor, Mikey Simon, lost in Japan where he becomes an action superstar. With his costars...a bratty blonde Lily, a beautiful misunderstood Mitsuki, a loveable oaf Gonard, and a furry neurotic (at times) Guano...he fights life challenges that relate (well, sort of) to the show they act in. Onu, the producer and really the only character with a Japanese accent, and his servant Yes Man (YES!) are side characters.

The show itself is a parody of animes with a little American spice added in. This is controversial among fans of anime. Some believe it is great that anime is spreading throughout the world while others believe it should be only Japanese/Asian. Also, some believe that anime is being made fun of. It is, but others say it is being made fun of for the sake of anime. Only true fans of anime can appreciate the parody 100% because the references to so many animes are only understood by the anime community.

Those who are not true fans of anime are immersed by the stereotypical anime styles American style. Thus, if they did not watch it or like it before, but watch this show because of its American influence, they might actually think, "Hey! This is cool stuff!" and watch more anime.

(For me, I am a fan of anime, and I think that it is great to finally spread anime to those non-anime fans. Also, I think they aired Kappa Mikey to honour anime!)
Me: Hey Kappa Mikey's on!:D
Diehard Anime Fan: OMG NOOOOOOooooooo! *runs away*
Non-Anime Fan: Hey this is actually kinda cool!:)

Lily: I can't date Gonard! He's GONARD!
Gonard: Yeah, I can't date Gonard! He's way out of my league!
by Vezira February 03, 2007
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Definatly funniest thing on nickelodeon(although that's not really saying much).And the funniest thing for under a TV 14 restriction.
Kappa Mikey Joke
GONARD:Let's build a rocket out of lettuce and fly to the moon and when we get there we can just eat the rocket.
by TimmyMuscat May 15, 2007
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