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An American who behaves in a self-centered, ignorant and arrogant way, generally while travelling outside the USA.
While dining at a famous French restaurant in Paris and when asked for his order by the French Waiter, Randy insisted that the chef prepare a hamburger and french fries for him, regardless of the fact that both were not on the menu. The French waiter left the table shaking his head replying under his breath, "How Amerigant!"
by Cameron Johnson August 09, 2007
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A behavioral quality displayed by people from the United States who are unaware of their waning economic superiority but still believe they are entitled to wear baggy shorts and ugly Hawaiian shirts on every vacation from London to Naples as they incessantly and loudly complain about the slow service at the Hard Rock Cafe.
"Franco, I don't like that man from Dallas."
"Si, Tatiana...he is so smug and amerigant; <hmmmph>...he does not even wear slim black pants and expensive shoes!"
by phreakephred December 16, 2007
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