A long long time ago, on a continent far far away. . .

The citizens of several small-subjugated colonies rose up against their powerful oppressors and set to work creating a new nation founded on freedom, respect, and justice for all. Even the little man.

Contained for years, an evil faction has taken control of this once respectable democracy by a number of despicable ways: using misleading language to sway voters, aligning itself unfairly with the nations largest religion, taking control of the most powerful business, and declaring itself the one moral party.

The Wrong-Wings have taken control of the country. With the virtuous beliefs of smaller independent groups ignored and the governments former care giving party crushed by lack of strong leadership. The powerful Wrong-Wings have begun dismantling the former democracy and rebuilding the nation to suit their selfish, unilateral desires. Rather than promoting the general welfare the country now an Empire to be reckoned with provides only for those in power. While ignoring it's other citizens, even the ones foolish enough to initially follow the Wrong-Wings.

With the logical guidance of the Left Side swept aside the newly formed American Empire has begun imposing its might on the world under the guise of a benevolent, yet truly arcane religious doctrine.
One day perhaps a duo of great leaders will arise to once again restore the Left Side's place in the government of the former USA and the world. One man who will help lead the movement, and another who will help teach of the Left Sides good intentions without coming across as whiny. But of course, that is just a legend.
by Darth Bush May 30, 2005
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A fragment from a future encyclopedia article

…The American Empire appeared to be the sole major power on earth between 1990 and 2000, after the disintegration of the Soviet Empire in 1990. However by that time, the Empire had been in decline for some time – Imperial power probably peaked during the brief reign of Emperor Kennedy the Young in 1961-63. Thereafter, the power of the Empire was sapped by a ruinous proxy war against the Soviets in Vietnam which led to extensive dissent within America over the morality and purpose of the war. The symbolic power of the Empire peaked in 1969 when American astronauts successfully traveled to the Moon, landed, and returned safely. Five more visits to the moon were made, but the expeditions to the Moon and plans for even bolder exploration of the Solar System were ultimately abandoned because of the cost of the war in Vietnam. Within one generation, the accomplishments of the Moon landings seemed so incredible that an increasing number of Americans refused to believe that they had ever happened.

The most serious decline of the American empire began when George W. Bush was appointed Emperor Bush II under suspicious circumstances in 2001, after a contentious succession from Emperor Clinton I. Subsequently, the American Empire was assaulted by eastern barbarians. Ironically, the eastern barbarians gained some of their power and stature from support they had obtained from the American Empire in another proxy war against the Soviet Empire in Afghanistan twenty years before. The barbarian’s assault was a great shock to the Empire’s citizens, and the Empire reacted by getting into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. These wars sapped the empires strength without seriously affecting the barbarians. Another effect of these wars was to drive up the cost of petroleum, which meant an end to the cheap fuel which had allowed imperial citizens to drive massive vehicles called SUVs without worrying about the consequences.

Also, these wars increased international uncertainty, driving up the cost of the raw materials that the Empire needed to survive. To pay for the ongoing wars, the Empire was forced to borrow enormous amounts of money, with much of the debt being held by the resurgent Chinese and Indian Empires. The American Empire also inadvertently weakened itself by ceasing to manufacture most items, preferring to contract out this work to China. This tended to destroy the prosperity of many American citizens (except for a few rich oligarchs called CEOs) even as it strengthened the empire’s rivals.

The accounts of the Empire’s collapse are fragmentary. It is known that an evil cult known as Wal-Mart…
Decline and Fall of the American Empire
by Action Man May 3, 2007
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The current corrupted version of the U.S. government which is acting like an empire by policing the world, domestically destroying civil liberties and rewarding corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.
When the United States government is no longer of the people, by the people and for the people but a government of the corrupt, by the corrupt and for the corrupt, it's tyrannical transformation into the American Federal Empire has been completed.
by Operation Backstep November 14, 2007
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A movement that seeks to put the policy in place that the United States should conquer the rest of the world or all of it that they can. Because of the rest of the world are ignort,dirty and malnurished babbabians and the United States has a duty to bring civilization to the rest of the world.
Support the American World Empire Movement.
by Judge dredd7 April 8, 2011
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