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A long long time ago, on a continent far far away. . .

The citizens of several small-subjugated colonies rose up against their powerful oppressors and set to work creating a new nation founded on freedom, respect, and justice for all. Even the little man.

Contained for years, an evil faction has taken control of this once respectable democracy by a number of despicable ways: using misleading language to sway voters, aligning itself unfairly with the nations largest religion, taking control of the most powerful business, and declaring itself the one moral party.

The Wrong-Wings have taken control of the country. With the virtuous beliefs of smaller independent groups ignored and the governments former care giving party crushed by lack of strong leadership. The powerful Wrong-Wings have begun dismantling the former democracy and rebuilding the nation to suit their selfish, unilateral desires. Rather than promoting the general welfare the country now an Empire to be reckoned with provides only for those in power. While ignoring it's other citizens, even the ones foolish enough to initially follow the Wrong-Wings.

With the logical guidance of the Left Side swept aside the newly formed American Empire has begun imposing its might on the world under the guise of a benevolent, yet truly arcane religious doctrine.
One day perhaps a duo of great leaders will arise to once again restore the Left Side's place in the government of the former USA and the world. One man who will help lead the movement, and another who will help teach of the Left Sides good intentions without coming across as whiny. But of course, that is just a legend.
by Darth Bush May 30, 2005
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