An Arabic first name meaning prince, people usually with this name are funny, sexy and romantic. Super delicious male humanoid and incredible in bed. More Foreigners have the name 'Ameer' than the arabs do.

'So who you completely mind blowingly over heels in love with this time?'


'aaaaah understandable'


Ameer already did that!

I wish I was as cool as Ameer!

When I grow up, I want to be just as cool as Ameer.

Ameer is my hero.


Ameerrrr.. Oh, Ameerrrr..
by 69errrr June 8, 2013
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He’s a man that’s soo sweet, a caring person, cool, quite crazy, an artistic, passionate, funny, the one that can make you flustered numerous times, can make you feel at home and a man who you’ll consider marrying to.
person 1: who’s that person who you always talking about?

Damia: oh him? He’s Ameer
by Cikmmeow April 25, 2021
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Male who is generally believed extremely hot by everyone.
Funny, Cool, and Crazy, you will find yourself LUCKY, to be befriended by an "Ameer"
That kid is hot and funny who is he?

That's Ameer
by Jim Shady June 26, 2013
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Handsome boy with curly hair. Ameer is funny and charming. He is one of the kindest cornballs you will ever meet, but is half-Spanish and doesn't even speak it that well. Everyone seems to like him. Ameer has a really nice, contagious smile. He is also tall, has some pretty eyes, and a cute laugh. But, he will fall asleep on you all the time :/
Me: yo you slept on me

Ameer: I’m sorry, I tried so hard to stay up, but my body just shut down on me
by velvety_cocoa123 September 13, 2019
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Meaning Prince or riches
A funny person
omg your such an Ameer
by Johnny Cain December 31, 2009
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Name of this amazing person who loves sunsets and cats. He is funny and smart (fave subject is Maths - yes, THAT smart). An Ameer usually lives 5605km away. But doesn’t make you feel like he’s far.
*takes a thousand photos of a cat
: you’re such an ameer
by MochiLover321 November 23, 2021
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A first name meaning Prince in Arabic.
George - Hi Ameer!
Ameer- Hello!
by A33m March 14, 2020
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