The act of being friendzoned by the girl you thought was your girlfriend
Person Ambrose: Apparently we weren't even going out
Person B: Dude you just got ambrosed
by Dis Liker March 17, 2016
1. Name of Greek origin that means: immortal; divine
Ambrose was a very skilled fighter, that never lost a battle.
by Vlodomyr May 26, 2005
super sexy muscular and smart and has a body of herculean proportions basically the perfect man
i wish i could be ambrose
by Herman Shieffen September 27, 2008
An individual who allows a younger family member to use their laptop.
Hey Sir, I realize that the program says Ambrose in the beginning, that is because I've been using his old laptop ever since he went to university. On his laptop he had eclipse loaded with his settings. Every time I hand in an assignment I usually delete that part. But as you could probably see that this assignment was done in a rush, because both Nick and I, tried our best to figure out the program. So the assignment was handed in literally right after it was done, that was also the reason why the assignment was delayed. But the assignment had nothing to do with Ambrose, it was just because the assignment was done in a rush and wasn't looked over, and I believe I'm responsible for that.
by NotAmbrose June 20, 2017
the dude with the BIGGEST dick in the world he also the most attractive and has a kind heart
by jsvahgwjsivehosgwjkkqkev July 29, 2019
Belongs to the ancient Spanish royal family one of the most impressive civilisations from 10 000 bc
Hail Ambrose father of god
by Lord ambrose January 16, 2017
Really fucking extra. Anxiety and depression at its best. Has tea, but shares it with her closest hoes.
Get in her bad side and prepare to be hated, and ignored. Did I mention she's aestheticly pleasing? She's incerdibly gorgeous, but self conscious. She's introverted, shy and a great listener. She is very rough on herself because she wants the best. She love all her friends, and is very loyal towards them. Cant beat a Ambrose Lady.
" Ambrose is such a daddy."
by Lolita_12 August 31, 2018