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The smallest town in the world. Has a pub, a wee cinema, a chippy and a youth hostel. Watch out for a geography group from Livingston each September staying at the YH, especially if they have taken advantage of the vodka sold locally at a mere £7. Nice place the YH, right next to a big lake. Surprisingly a decent place to be at for a while considering there is almost nothing to do!
''Let's Ambleside!''
by Brendan September 19, 2003
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The Ambleside is a Prosecco cocktail. Simply add a shot of Elderflower cordial and top up with Prosecco (served in a champagne glass). Pronounced Am-Blur-See-Day. An American once asked where Am-Blur-See-Day was when in the Lake District when he really meant Ambleside.
Last night I had way too many Amblesides.
by SquareJazz August 17, 2017
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