Amelie is a super hot girl with a rocking body, if you are dating her you are very lucky my friend, cause she is nice, caring, smart and good in bed, and is always down for a bit of fun.
Dude #1: Dam she is pretty fine, so you know who she is dude?

Dude #2: Dude! That's Amelie, I'd love to have her as my friend.
by Allllluhhhalluuhh May 31, 2016
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Amelie a really cute,nice,kind,laughable girl. A Amelie is always there for u no matter what. And likes a lot of people but loves her boyfriend to death. If u come across an Amelie don't lose her
Me: Hey do u know that Amelie girl? Friend:yea she's extremely cute Me: born she's my girlfriend friend: or sorry bro u lucky
by Treeeeendaleeeee July 01, 2018
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1. An amazing girl, usually considered as perfect. She’s really smart and a BIG Harry Potter fan. She always talks about KJ APA and can sometimes be really annoying. She’s clingy, but in a good way. Really pretty and will not fail in making you laugh until you cry. Really weird and great at pulling funny faces. Intelligent, wonderful, she’s full of adventures. Also what’s know as the class clown! She’s loyal and will always back you up. Not the best at comebacks but amazing at jokes. Always getting roasted and has a really sensitive soul. If you talk behind her back, you’ll never get forgiven until a very. Long. Time.

2. A common French name for girls. (Pronounced ah-me-lee) Example in a sentence: Madame Amélie was a very high class French woman.
by KJ APA LOVER #1 May 22, 2019
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French movie starring the adorable Audrey Tautou. Even if it didn't have such a lovely, lovely woman in the lead role, it would be worth watching for the interesting bit players and unusual color treatments. But with the adorable Audrey Tautou giving an endearing portrayal of a quirkyalone, and looking for all the world like the sweetest morsel in God's candy dish...well, it might not be the greatest movie in the world, but it is certainly of the most pleasurable to watch.
I saw Amelie the other night. I liked it a lot. But I heard that Audrey Tautou was huggin on that nine_finger_slim character. Is she rollin', or is he packin?

She's rollin'.
by nine_finger_slim June 19, 2005
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Amelie is so pretty and everyone will fall in love with her. She is a very fun person to be with and loyal to her friends. She is hardworking and never puts a foot out of line. She is so sexy and cute. If Amelie is your girlfriend then you are a lucky guy, make sure to make the most of it 😉 you know what I mean...
Boy 1: Amelie is the prettiest girl I know. I wish I was her girl friend!

Boy 2: Back off man!!! She’s mine! And we’ve done some business...
by 3108thisisme August 05, 2019
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Really annoying and crazy but hot and obsessive, has lots of good friends and an awesome girlfriend she is strong both physically and mentally and cheeky and reckless. She is funny and loud and silly and wishes for impossible things.
I is totally the best” said Amélie.
by Dooiscute October 01, 2018
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