The name is often given other explanationas but most peole say it means: protector in batlle. Always accapting her life like it is. indefatigable, delightful. Also common used for a particularly hot girl. Who is known to be a perfect girl, you get attracted by the looks but you stay for her sweetness; above all she's a nice girl who would never let het friends down, always listens and help those who ask for it. She's also is a little touchy, short tempered and she a puts to much trust in people who don't deserve it. the betreyal of het trust makes her sad and fragile.
One you know her wel you never want to let her go
Amélie? You don't hear that often but what a nice name
by RA or The SUN April 04, 2011
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She is the best girl friend a guy can have.
She is super kinky~
She is super beautiful~
She is amazing in every way~
I love you a lot, I’m glad you’re with me Amelie.
by Sl0py November 15, 2018
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The most beautiful girl you will get your hands on. Shes so nice and will always be there for you. Shes smart, considerate, kinda a hippie at times and overall is an amazing person. She has great stile and in friends with about everyone. You will always catch her standing up for what she believes in.
Amelie is lookin fresh today
by CHILD OF JESUSSSSSS March 21, 2018
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An amazing self consence person with an amazing heart and a wild creative mind she will get you through anything and everything thing the rough and the soft she will warm your heart the day you meet her but one thing is she loves people unconditionally which is wonderful but in my case it's kind of bad she had liked me for over a year but you know what she is an amazing person and nothing can stop her from being one
by Trietauanemsi April 02, 2017
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Beautiful, kind and caring. Always putting herself down STOP!!!!

Everyone says she’s posh but she denies it!! Obviously 🙄 it’s an Amelie! 😂❤️ Love Amelies soooo much because they are always there if u need a rant or just someone to talk to! Always giggling 😂😂❤️
Maisie:OMG u r soooo posh
Amelie: wth NO IM NOT
Maisie: just a hint
Amelie: a hint? 😂😂😂
by ___maisie.w___ February 26, 2019
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Amelie is a hot and cute girl. She is caring and is always up to help her friends. She is easily hurt but most of the time hides it. She is loyal and will trust anyone who is her friend. She is interesting to talk to and very intelligent, usually very sporty. She is very modest and hates to show off . Usually has a weird side that everyone loves about her.
Wow , she's so pretty , looks like an Amelie
by Fudeywudgrybum January 09, 2017
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